Cycling experience


de Vork

We named our new restaurant not only after the eating utensil, but also after the fork of a bike which refers to my passion.


Cycling arrangement

In the near future I would like to organise a sportive and culinary arrangement for 'little' groups. The intention is to set up a cycling tour through our beautiful Haspengouw with me and/or a famous (ex)cyclist as the guide. Afterwards you can enjoy a culinary dinner in my restaurant. For cycling vacations abroad you can contact 2 of my best friends:
- Johan Vansummeren cycling (Greece)
- Ropa Cycling (Spain-Orihuela Costa)


The fork

Firmly in the saddle
or up on the pedals
preferably on the road
accelerating the peloton
leaving everyone behind

The climb is hard,
sometimes vicious,
a strong will
and the passion even bigger.

It turns fluently,
gaining speed even uphill.
Focussing on the finish and sometimes,
not for long,
deviating from the main road.

This is a cyclist,
a heart in the landscape of his kitchen.
The name is Bellings. Luc Bellings.
THIS is the way the fork is built

Supporter in heart and soul

More info You can contact us for more information concerning our cycling arrangement

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